UAM01 Understanding Audio & Music Workflows in Post

Course Code: UAM01

An overview of the role of the music editor including pre-recording, temp scores, source music, scoring & working with the composer, song-editing, final mix & more.

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For anyone who either works with musicians or needs to understand the audio post production process for films and television, this lecture with real-world demos from an award-winning composer and music editor covers:

  • Spotting for music and sound: the meeting, giving notes, and music and sound design
  • Making musical decisions – who decides?
  • How to use temp music and sound design
  • Music editor workflow and relationship with the composer
  • Preparing for a mix and preview
  • How to choose a composer – go with a friend of a friend or a seasoned professional
  • Contract basics: how much will it cost, fees, publishing
  • Final scoring sessions, composing “in the box”, and delivery to the dub stage
  • Working with songs and music supervisors, basic licensing, and royalty-free music
  • Song and audio editing techniques
  • The final mix – or dub stage – preparation for delivery and print-master
  • Mail Box Money: preliminary music cue sheet, royalty distribution and basic music publishing

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