PR250 Premiere Pro for Avid/FCP Editors

Course Code: PR250

For proficient Avid or FCP editors, this cross-over course focuses on getting up-to-speed quickly on Adobe Premiere Pro using Final Cut Pro and Avid as references.




In Premiere Pro 250 at Moviola, experienced AVID or FCP editors can cross-train to learn advanced technical features of Premiere Pro.

  • Creating and organizing projects
  • Sequence settings
  • Preferences
  • Adobe Premiere Interface
  • Rough Cut
  • Basic Editing
  • The timeline
  • Timeline patch panel
  • Editing practice
  • Trimming
  • Transitions
  • Nesting
  • Backing up projects
  • How audio works in Premiere
  • Adjusting individual clips
  • Using the mixer
  • Titles
  • Intrinsic effects – scale, position, rotation
  • Basic effects – crop, black & white, etc.
  • Exporting from Premiere
  • Queuing in Media Encoder

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