MC111 Introduction to Avid Media Composer: Fundamentals I+II Combo

Course Code: MC111

If you are interested in taking both classes, you can register for both at the same time at a discounted rate! Weekday sessions are 40 hours (5 days). Classes offered on weeknights (12 nights) or weekends (6 days) are 48 hours of instruction. *Due to this course being pre-discounted, no additional discounts may be applied





Media Composer Fundamentals I is an introductory course designed to get a new user up-and-running on the software. In this course, students develop an understanding of the video editing process and the basic skills to edit a video project from start to finish. This includes understanding the relationship between media and project files, media storage location, the abilities to create the project file; bring in the source video and audio files; edit the sequence, add titles, music, and basic effects, and then export the finished sequence.


Media Composer Fundamentals II is an intermediate course designed to teach students the technical and organization skills of an assistant editor and develop their editorial skills with the tools and techniques required to produce as well-edited video. From using dynamic trim techniques to shape the actor’s performances in a dramatic scene, to quickly assembling a news package to meet deadlines, this course empowers novice users to take their Media Composer skills to the next level.

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