DR201C Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve

Course Code: DR201c




This class is designed for those who have taken the DR101 class and wish to dive deeper in to the powerful, Industry-standard color grading toolset of DaVinci Resolve. Topics covered include:

• Normalization, balancing and matching footage• Primary and secondary grading tools• Enabling and using color management.• How to read video scopes to analyze and correct images.• Understanding both color balancing and creative grading.• Working with nodes to create sophisticated grades.• Managing and copying grades with stills, versions and ColorTrace.• Navigating the Fusion page to create simple composites.• Using plug-ins to repair, enhance and stylize images.• Creating groups to help streamline your worklfow.• Render cache and delivery settings for optimal quality• Dozens of tips and tricks that will transform how you work!

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