AA301 Avid Assistant Editing: HD-4K, DI, & File-Based Workflows

Course Code: AA301

This 2-day course covers the fundamental details about working in file-based workflows in Avid Media Composer covering the full range of HD, 2K and 4K camera formats in use today.




This course focuses on how to work in Avid Media Composer with a myriad of HD formats, as well as 2K and 4K formats including RED and Alexa. Fundamentals and key concepts about the different formats are explored. Comprehensive exploration of the latest workflows are covered for working with the current slate of file-based formats, also covering offline and online conforming, and the various media management tools to aid in various processes. Mixing and matching of different resolutions, aspect ratios, and up and down-converting are all explored.

Course includes:

  • Working with ARRI ALEXA, Canon DSLR, and other QuickTime based formats.
  • Working with RED, P2, XDCAM and other HD file-based formats.
  • Exploring the details and differences between different formats.
  • Archiving file-based formats properly.
  • Learning best practices for different media formats.
  • Choosing project and media creation settings for different workflows/scenarios.
  • Techniques for creating and managing media for offline editorial and conforming for online.
  • Mixing and matching different formats and mixed frame rates with an emphasis on quality and conforming considerations.
  • reformatting effects for mixing together different formats and aspect ratios.
  • Working effectively with different Media Composer features in combination to produce successful workflows- including AMA, Import, Batch Import, Transcode, Consolidate, Importing and Exporting AAFs and ALE’s and EDL’s.

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